It’s time for me to review how well HideMyAss has been working with my Linksys Cisco E-2000 DD-WRT router.  My last post outlined how I updated my Cisco E-2000 to DD-WRT version 18946 from the recommended 14929.

I’m happy to say that the newer version of DD-WRT has been a blessing.  I decided to go ahead and purchase a year of service from HideMyAss after seeing how well their service works with DD-WRT.  The larger versions of the DD-WRT firmware support openVPN which is also supported by HideMyAss, which makes things very easy to set up.

HideMyAss VPN Usage

HideMyAss essentially lets you set up a VPN connection from your home network to almost any country in the world.  This allows other users on the internet to see your IP Address as being somewhere located in another state or even country.  For example, If you live in New York City and decide to use HideMyAss, you could easily choose to appear as if you were connected to the internet in Los Angeles.  I elected to set up my VPN connection two ways:

  1. I downloaded the HMA! Vpn client for windows on my laptop.  This will allow me to use HMA! while I’m away from home on random open wi-fi networks.  The VPN tunnel is encrypted, therefore preventing random people from sniffing open wi-fi networks and gaining my information.
    HideMyAss Windows Client
    HMA! VPN Windows Client


  2. At home, I elected to set up HMA! VPN directly onto my DD-WRT router. This ensures that all traffic leaving my network is secured via a VPN tunnel.  This prevents my ISP from traffic shaping, snooping on my internet usage, or having any clue of what I do online period.

HMA! VPN Set up Windows Clients

Setting up HideMyAss on your windows computer is simple.  All that needs to be done is the following:

  • Log into the HideMyAss.com Dashboard
  • Download the HideMyAss client for Windows 7 (also works on Windows 8)
  • Type in your username and password
  • Press the connect button EASY!

HMA! VPN Set up DD-WRT clients

Surprisingly, this is easier than you could imagine.  HMA! has an automated script that will set up your DD-WRT router with a VPN connection to any of their servers worldwide!

  • Log into the HideMyAss.com Dashboard
  • Select HideMyAss set up for routers
  • Select the country or city you would like to connect from
  • Press Submit
  • Follow the easy screenshot instructions provided by the HideMyAss auto-configurator to log into your DD WRT router and begin enjoying your secure connection to the internet!

DDWRT HideMyAss Summary

As always, I will only provide marketing for items that I use myself and feel are outstanding.  HMA! fits the bill. Superior customer service. Superior website. Superior period!

This is an amazing combination of tools and I highly suggest this set up for everyone!  We hear all of these crazy lawsuits from random government affiliated organizations for clicking on the wrong link or a child downloading songs from the internet.  HideMyAss is a solution for less than $7 a month that would prevent all of this nonsense.  If you can afford to go to Starbucks once a month, you should have this service.

On top of this being one of the best VPN services online, if you have problems setting up HIdeMyAss I’ll gladly help you for FREE!  Just click the below banner and get started today by securing your internet usage.

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