Best Domain Name Registrar

Best Domain RegistrarWhat is a domain name registrar?

A domain name registrar is a company/service that provides domain names to customers.  Many people new to wordpress or the web get confused with the steps needed to own a domain name and host a website.  It’s rather simple, but can be confusing to some.

Basically, each computer on the internet has an IP address.  An IP address is a series of unique numbers that allow that computer to be accessed by other computers.  A Domain name simply points a .com/.org/.net/etc domain name to an IP address.  For example, it’s much easier to remember typing “” than a string of numbers.

How do I get a domain name?

Getting a domain name is a simple process.  There are many companies that provide domain names.  As with anything, there are a range of prices and quality.  I promised myself a long time ago, I will never suggest something that I don’t use myself when it comes to online marketing.

To get a domain name, you simply navigate to a domain registrar’s website.  Once there you check to see if the domain is already registered.  Domains are like real estate, you can’t buy a domain that someone else owns unless they’re selling it personally to you.

If you find a domain that isn’t registered, you can purchase it through the domain registrar.

What’s the best domain registrar?

The best domain registrar on the internet by far is Namecheap.  Many people may argue GoDaddy, but I highly disagree.  When it comes to the internet, you really want to find a company that specializes in each service you need.  Namecheap specializes in domain names and best of all provide a very high quality service at the lowest price.  High quality and low price are a hard combination to find in today’s market.

The top reasons I like namecheap:

  • Easy sign up process.
  • Simple user interface with self explanatory utilization.
  • Super quick helpdesk service and knowledge base that is actually helpful.
  • Their helpdesk representatives are knowledgeable on the services that they offer.
  • They don’t spam me.
  • Easy to renew domain registration.
  • Free Whois Guard with new domain purchase. (This prevents other users on the internet from seeing your name as the owner of the domain).
  • Cheap prices, but high quality service!

If you’re looking to buy a domain name, name cheap is BY FAR the best domain registrar available.  Click here to continue to namecheap and search for your domain now!