Questions answered about SEO Fightback

I wanted my questions answered so I went to the source! I PM’ed the owner of SEO fightback on the warriorforum and here are the results:

Q: How are posts submitted to my wordpress blogs that I open up to the networks from the SEO fightback network?

A: Other people in the same network (we have many networks) as you create posts, sometimes (randomly) they will be sent to your blog via the WP plugin. Don’t put money sites into the system. You put “feeder” blogs in, and then use your posting points to create links to your money sites.

Q: If I cancel my subscription do my links get deleted from the blogs that I have submitted to?

A:As you as you don’t delete other people’s links, we won’t delete yours, even if you leave. If you delete other people’s links after leaving, then that’s cheating and we don’t allow that

Q:  What plugin/access do I give to SEO fightback for my wordpress blogs?

A: WP plugin. It’s in the WP directory, and has been vetted by

Q:  When I submit an article to a network, who decides what blog it’s posted on? Does the owner of the specific blog have to approve my post?

A: The system allocates the content somewhere. No, the blog owner does not approve the post, we do!

By going to the source, I’ve directly answered my questions and am ready to take the next step.  SEO fightback seems like it will provide the means necessary to help attempt to fix my google sandbox issue with the Amazon Associate Experiment!

If you want to “play along”, feel free to use the following affiliate link to sign up for SEO Fightback!

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

I have embarked on a new journey for my afterhours, online hobby time.  I initially though I would be spending most of the year playing SWTOR, but SWTOR failed.  I have now began attempting to start making money online as an amazon affiliate advertiser.

What is the amazon affiliate program?

The affiliate program is a way for advertisers to make money selling amazon’s products.  Put simply, I make websites advertising amazon products and if a user visits my site and clicks through to amazon to buy something then I get a percentage of the sale.  Sounds great in theory, but requires a lot of work for the typical Internet Marketer.  In order to get kick started into this world of amazon affiliate marketing, I started an experiment.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing experiment

My experiment is this: I started two websites, both advertising an extremely specific category of products on amazon.  I won’t specifically state what I’m advertising to prevent unnecessary competition, but let’s just say that they are items any homeowner would need and utilize on a daily basis.

The two websites are based on wordpress and are themed around reviewing amazon products and providing detailed information about the category of items I’m selling.  For example, if I was selling “beaches”, I’d review the different beaches you could buy and provide posts about sandcastles, how to build the best sandcastles, sunbathing, etc (I’m hoping you get the point.)

The goal

The goal of the whole experiment is to get one of these sites ranked on the top page of google for the two specific keyword I’m targeting.  This way when someone google’s “how to buy a beach”, I’ll be on the front page of the results trying to lure the potential client to my website full of reviews and useful information.

What I’ve done so far

I won’t go into exact detail about what I’ve done, but I will provide an overview for the sake of the experiment.  Mainly because it’s boring and second because it possibly provides me a competitive advantage over my competition.

So far I have:

  • 2 unique domain names pertaining to each category I’m attempting to promote.
  • 2 wordpress websites reviewing and providing information on two different product categories
  • Both websites full of product reviews, product information, category information and videos
  • Over 14 pages of unique content for each page.

Initially my pages were ranking well in the google SERP (Search engine results pages), but have recently dropped into really far no man’s land (200+).  Internet marketers call this “getting sandboxed”.  After doing some research, I discovered why I was sandboxed.

I mistakenly purchased two fiverr jobs to blast out links to my websites.  The anchor text for these links were the exact title of my blogs (A BIG NO NO after panda updates).  Google saw the blast of links with all the same anchor text and has sandboxed me, thus allowing me this great opportunity to do an experiment!

Experiment Details

Since I have a good idea of why I was sandboxed, I’m going to attempt two different methods of getting back into google’s good graces and see which works.

On one website (we’ll call it G) I will use to blast out links and articles pertaining to my blog with unreleated anchor text such as “click here” or “this website”.

On the other website (we’ll call it S), I will buy another fiverr job to blast out links to my blog with unrelated anchor text such as “this website” or “website about <amazon category>”.

I’ll track and post the results to hopefully shed some light on how other marketers can recover their webpages from google sandbox hell.

Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal is to get the websites ranking well and making money with amazon associates!

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