SWTOR, even post patch 1.3, has failed the gaming community.


Disclaimer: I’m one of the SWG starved gamers who realized that Star Wars Galaxies was the greatest MMO ever until John Smedly ruined it.  You should stop reading now if you’re a SWTOR fanboy.

SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic) had high hopes from the gaming community.  After SOE ruined the greatest game ever, SWG (Star Wars Galaxies), all the Star Wars geeks in the world have been anxiously awaiting the next Star Wars base MMO.

Like any Star Wars geek is required to do, I purchased the $150 collectors edition of the game and enjoyed playing for the first two months.  After two months of familiarizing myself with the game, I realized the game was doomed to fail.  I’ll outline some of my major problems with the game.

Class specific roles

There are no class specific roles.  I created a Sith Warrior Juggernaut in hopes of being the most elite tank for my guild.  Unfortunately, my Sith Warrior was made to be a tank, but many other classes can tank and some can do it better.  For example, if I were a guild master would I want a Sith Juggernaut or a Sith Assassin tank who can self heal?  I absolutely hate WoW, but at least if I roll a warrior to tank, I know I’ll be the best capable tank in the game.

This story is much worse for healers.. I still can’t figure out why anyone would want to roll a healer when so many classes compete for the best healer role.

Class specific skills

Class specific skills are lacking.  There are absolutely zero skills that are outstanding for each class.  My Sith Juggernaut can force leap to his enemies which is neat, but rather worthless. Unlike WoW, which I hate, where a shaman is the only type of class that can utilize totems or a Death Knight runes… etc.  Did SWTOR think because they were utilizing a star wars theme they could ignore class specific skills and tasks?

Server Population

After patch 1.3, server population is still a HUGE problem.  They consolidated 211 servers into 23.  I logged in tonight and have a 50 minute wait time (thus the reason I’m writing such a long, annoying post here).  Why in God’s name would anyone want to wait over an hour to play a game at night?  I’d rather break out pacman than wait 50 minutes to play SWTOR, or any game for that matter.

Basic MMO requirements for gameplay

SWTOR was launched EXTREMELY too early in my opinion.  The team who designed this really needs to take Marketing 101.  The target market for this game didn’t want endless hours of voice-over quest content.  We wanted a well designed game that would take a long time to bore.  Instead of adding core MMO game required features, the team at SWTOR spent countless hours adding music, voiceovers, and other artsy crap most MMO gamers couldn’t give a hoot about.

The features that have been absent the last 5 months have caused many gamers to move on and give up on a game development team that lacks a sense of marketing and the needs of the their target market.

These core MMO requirements that were ignored include:

  • Population – Why in the hell would I want to play a MMO that doesn’t have players?  Or on the inverse, why would I want to play an MMO that has so many players I can’t log in to the servers in less than an hour?
  • Group finder – Yet again, an MMO requires me to play with other players.  Make this task easy.
  • Crafting – I want crafting, not button clicking and hearing stupid responses from my shipmates.  Better yet, I want crafting items that aren’t 100% worthless.
  • Ranked Warzones – Many people play for PvP, boy SWTOR have you missed the ball on this one?  These same warzones over and over get so redundant.  It’s a race to the best gear since no class really has class specific advantages over another.
  • World PvP –  LOL, just lol.
  • Star Wars Interaction – I can’t interact with my counterparts (EX: Imperial can’t interact with rebel).  Why the hell not?  This is supposed to be a social game.   SWG really hit the head on the nail with the capability to go covert and speak with your enemies to do daily business.
  • Guild v/s Guild battles – Yet again, SWTOR you fail.  What makes a game like this more interesting than seeing a guild ganking other guilds at the Galactic Trade Terminals.
  • Speeder Transportation –  The speeders you have implemented are a joke.  A simple Google search of what a speeder should look like should’ve been enough for your development team.  I guess not.
  • Addons / Macros – I’m sick of all your excuses, you lack the capability to provide macros and addons to a gaming community that demands them.  We want games that 7 year old’s can’t figure out for a reason.  Without addons this game has hit a brick wall as far as community development is concerned.
  • SWTOR Bots – botting is already a huge problem in SWTOR.  SWTOR bots can be found for free download with the click of a search button.  Bioware has not taken a big enough stance against these cheaters.  There’s nothing like seeing people speed past you on foot while you’re traveling on a speeder.
  • Player housing – There’s nothing like being able to claim your own real estate, and I realize SWTOR isn’t a sandbox MMO.  However, there must be a way to enable player housing.  Without it, you lose my interest immediately.
  • Space Fighting – The current 1992 arcade style space fighting that is implemented into the game is a total joke.
  • Player bounties – Bounty Hunters hunt people, if someone makes me angry I’d love the capability to put a bounty on their head.
  • Add your comments here.  If you post in the comments with a valid topic, I’ll gladly add it.
I’ll end my rant here, with hopes that readers will find this post via google and provide comments to add dynamic content.  Maybe someone from bioware will notice and post this in their bathroom or something.  My subscription ends in less than 60 days and I can’t justify re-subscribing to SWTOR.
May the force be with you.SWTOR