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The Go-Getter is a very easy read that drives home an important message. The book’s story was written by Peter B. Kyne in 1921 but still delivers a strong message. It is known for encouraging entrepreneurs and employees to increase productivity, take initiative, and beat all odds.

This Go-Getter story is awesome for Real Estate professionals because it outlines the ever important message of never quitting and going against all odds to reach your goals. In the book, Bill Peck, a war veteran, persuades an employer to hire him. Every step of the way Peck is having to prove himself and go against all odds. Eventually, the CEO of the company gives Peck an impossible challenge. The Story follows how Peck attempts to tackle the challenge and change his legacy forever.

I love reading this book because it makes me feel good. I know that working hard and working consistently go hand in hand. Even though the book is amazingly simple, I feel it would’ve changed my career if I read it right out of college. Everyone should read this book by Peter B Kyne.

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