Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets for Real Estate

Kindle Fire

I’d have to say my greatest Real Estate tool is my Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.  Here’s my free Real Estate Ninja Guru Trick: You can find them on amazon for the $100 price range by buying the last quarter’s model and it will do everything you need as far as real estate goes.

I think it’s ridiculous to buy these online real estate courses for thousands of dollars when you can peek into the minds of folks who have made millions in the real estate industry for around $10 per book.

My top three must read books for the real estate industry are as follows:

  1. How to win friends and influence people
  2. The Go Getter
  3. Rhinoceros Success

Although these aren’t true “real estate” books (you can find those on amazon too), these books are a must for anyone entering the real estate business.  They’ll get your mind full of the correct way to take decisive steps to improving your income.

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