Windows 7 rescues Guild Wars 2

I have recently been playing Guild Wars 2 and really enjoying the game.  Tonight I’ve been updating my security system and cleaning up my computer.  In the process I cleaned up my desktop which tends to get cluttered at times.

Guild Wars 2

Finally, after a night of updating my computer and cleaning it up a bit I decided to play Guild Wars 2.   I double click the Guild Wars 2 icon on my desktop, only to get the following dreaded error:

Unable to located Guild Wars 2
Unable to locate Guild Wars 2 executable

My heart sunk.  This stinking game took over 10 hours to download the first time and I didn’t want to have to do it again.  I purchased the digital download version of the game that apparently unbeknownst to me automatically installs itself to a folder onto your desktop.  This folder, which I assumed was leftover junk from the install, was recently put into my recycle bin and emptied!

Frantically, I fired up an old friend of mine named UndeletePlus and did a scan for recently deleted files on my harddrive.  I crossed my fingers and hoped that it would fine my guildwars2 folder.  However, it failed and was unable to locate any Guild Wars 2 information.

Now I’m seriously crushed.  But in the back of my mind I was hoping that Windows would have a solution for this.  Ah-ha! I remembered enabling the “previous versions” setting in my Windows 7 install.

Windows 7 Previous Versions

I simply navigated to my desktop folder via windows explorer.  After locating my desktop folder (C:\Users\David\Desktop), I simply right clicked and went to properties.

Windows Explorer Right Click Menu

Once inside the properties window, I located the previous versions tab.  This tab lists old versions of your folders that Windows 7 saves at restore points and other important times.  Luckily, I was able to browse a version of my desktop folder that was saved at 5:15PM today!

Windows 7 Previous Versions
Windows 7 Previous Versions

Windows 7 Recovery

Inside the desktop folder saved from 5:15PM today, I was able to locate the Guild Wars 2 directory and copy it to my root C:\ drive where it should’ve been installed in the first place.

Guild Wars 2 Folder
Guild Wars 2 Folder

Oddly enough, I deleted this folder initially because I thought it was leftover junk from the Guild Wars 2 install.  Apparently, however, the Guild Wars 2 install only consists of a few files:

  • Gw2.exe (21 megabytes)
  • Gw2.dat (~14 gigabytes)
  • Gw2.tmp (very small)

The moral of the story: Windows 7 saved the day.  I’m by no means a windows fan boy, but the previous versions feature is extremely nice.

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