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IP Camera LogoIn a previous post, I outlined how I used open source software and an older HTPC to serve as a web 2.0 cloud security camera hub.  My wife and I have loved this setup so much that we’ve added another non-traditional ip camera to our security setup.

A friend at work has been talking this week about how he is trying to re-purpose his old android phones into useful gadgets and it got me thinking.  I have a Sprint Epic 4g that is not being used due to the fact I’m not a Verizon customer.  This Epic 4g is a powerful small phone that has potential that is wasted just sitting in my junk drawer.

Today I charged the Epic 4g and connected it to my wi-fi network.  Browsing the Google Play store, I stumbled across an app that utilizes an android phone to create a IP web camera.  So I immediately downloaded the app and started setting the app up.  The IP web camera app is appropriately titled “Android IP Webcam”.  The webcam essentially turns your phone into an ip webcam that is accessible via a browser, skype, iSpy, and a multitude of other media streaming players.

Webcam web access served from Epic 4g

In my case, I utilized iSpy to connect to the camera and set the Epic 4g in an inconspicuous place in my home.  When properly set up, iSpy will detection motion from the IP camera and record the motion into a playable video file [more about this can be found in my previous post].

In less than an hour, I have an extra IP Security camera at no cost to me.  The Epic 4g is small, hardly noticeable, and has an amazing camera.

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