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I wanted my questions answered so I went to the source! I PM’ed the owner of SEO fightback on the warriorforum and here are the results:

Q: How are posts submitted to my wordpress blogs that I open up to the networks from the SEO fightback network?

A: Other people in the same network (we have many networks) as you create posts, sometimes (randomly) they will be sent to your blog via the WP plugin. Don’t put money sites into the system. You put “feeder” blogs in, and then use your posting points to create links to your money sites.

Q: If I cancel my subscription do my links get deleted from the blogs that I have submitted to?

A:As you as you don’t delete other people’s links, we won’t delete yours, even if you leave. If you delete other people’s links after leaving, then that’s cheating and we don’t allow that

Q:  What plugin/access do I give to SEO fightback for my wordpress blogs?

A: WP plugin. It’s in the WP directory, and has been vetted by

Q:  When I submit an article to a network, who decides what blog it’s posted on? Does the owner of the specific blog have to approve my post?

A: The system allocates the content somewhere. No, the blog owner does not approve the post, we do!

By going to the source, I’ve directly answered my questions and am ready to take the next step.  SEO fightback seems like it will provide the means necessary to help attempt to fix my google sandbox issue with the Amazon Associate Experiment!

If you want to “play along”, feel free to use the following affiliate link to sign up for SEO Fightback!

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