NHL 13 demo should be coming this month

NHL 13 is a much anticipated game by hockey fans like myself.  I used to play the game on the PS3, until I finally realized that XBOX creates a much better game experience.  I have became extremely frustrated with some of the many annoyances with NHL 12.

These annoyances include:

  • loop glitching
  • Penalties not being called (especially hooking and the infamous penalty on a breakaway that causes you to fall to your knees and is never called).
  • User goalie commands are horrible.  Hugging the post shouldn’t be a negative, but EA has made it this way.
  • OTP game selection is broken.  When people don’t get their position they cause everyone to wait until the timer is down to 1 second, or worse they play goalie and let every opposing goal into the net.
  • Unrealistic hip checks
  • Computer players with rocket boost skates
  • Seeing the same glitch shots over and over
  • The list goes on….

Will NHL 13 solve this problems??? Only time will tell.  I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, but I’m anxiously awaiting the demo.  Here’s my wish list:

  • NHL 13 accurately call penalties.
  • Penalize users from performing “ice capades” and hanging onto the puck trying to Bobby Orr non-stop in OTP games.
  • Ability to vote OTP players out of the game.
  • Auto-kick goalies from OTP games that let every goal in.
  • Call offsides accurately.
  • Ability to invite friends into OTP games due to the fact the the “DROP IN” game finder doesn’t function correctly.
  • Do not penalize users for switching clubs.  I have french people and american people I play with.  The timezones are different so different clubs are required.
  • Less animation, more physics.  Let’s be honest, your “physics engine” from last year was a joke
  • Add your wish list in the comments, posting comments is free and doesn’t require registration

For now, enjoy the youtube video that EA has provided us with their new features.  I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and really dig into the new game.


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