NHL 13 demo announced

EA has finally announced that it will be released the NHL 13 demo to xbox and ps3 users next week.  On August 21, users from all over will be racing to download the demo as fast as possible to play in one of the four modes.

The four modes made available in the demo will be:

  • Play Now
  • NHL Moments Live
  • Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT)
  • Free Skate

NHL 13 Play Now

The NHL 13 Play Now mode will allow users to jump into the third period of the Los Angeles Kings versus the New Jersey Devils.  The period will begin with a completely random score each play session.  EA anticipates that the users will play this mode many times, so the randomized score will allow a different situation during each play.  Also introduced in the NHL 13 Play Now mode will be the ‘True broadcast camera’.

NHL Moments Live

The NHL moments live option of the game will allow users to watch past NHL games and historic plays that altered history forever.  The demo will feature the overtime actions of the Los Angeles Kings versus the Phoenix Coyotes from the Western Conference finals.  This may seem boring to some (like me), but players who watch the whole clip will be rewarded with free HUT packs.

Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT)

The hockey ultimate team demo will demonstrate the new layout designed by EA to counter errors with the NHL 12 version.   Although I’ve never personally played HUT before, it seems very enticing this year.  This year there will be improvements to the reward system that will allow players to receive valuable rewards.  Also, this year HUT will have a playoff system to entice players to participate with each other.

Free Skate

The skating physics for NHL 13 have been completely redesigned.  EA will allow a free skate session in the demo so that users can familiarize themselves with the new physics of skating.  True skating will apparently put emphasis on speed, acceleration, and agility unlike NHL 12 where players were fast and CPU opponents had rocket boots.

I’m really looking forward to downloading the demo and trying it out.  Let me know what you’re looking forward to in the comments.  Commenting doesn’t require registration and is encouraged!

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