fiverr installing wordpress

I consider myself a well versed computer engineer and a businessman.  Combine the two and what do you get? Someone who wants to make money doing something computer/software related.  So I’ve started a test using the website fiverr.  On this website I’m offering to install wordpress to anyone who needs it installed for $5.  Along with installing wordpress, I’m offering bonuses such as a free ebook and theme installation.

What is fiverr?

Fiverr is a website startup where people (like me and you) can offer to do things for other people (like me and you) for $5 gigs.  The $5 gigs range can literally be anything.  Some people choose to make videos, other marketing, and others programming.  The cloud is the limits.  A seller simply needs to dream up a gig worth $5 and offer it to the community.

It basically works like this: Potential buyer sees a gig that he/she would like to purchase.  Buyer purchases via paypal and seller gets an email to deliver the product.  The seller has X amount of days to deliver the product before the buyer can rightfully cancel the order.

Fiverr installing wordpress

My gig is for installing wordpress for $5.  I wrote as much copy as fiverr would allow telling a potential customer that I’ll glady work my butt off to install you a wordpress blog in less than 24 hours from the order date.  I stated that I’m a professional, english speaking, business person that would work diligently to make the product that the consumer desires.

Fiverr Results

Right now when I type “install wordpress” into the fiverr search box, my gig doesn’t even appear.  What the hell is going on? Maybe someone can answer this for me in the comments.  Hopefully I’ll get some buyers so that I can increase my reputation through the fiverr ranking system.  I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.

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