Dropbox two step authentication

Dropbox has finally enabled it’s two step authentication for it’s users.  This is an important thing to do for everyone here!  If a hacker gets your password he could read all of your files unless you have this two step authentication enabled.

The way it works is a simple process that a hacker would have one hell of a hard time to overcome.  Basically anytime you log into the web version of dropbox or want to add a new computer to your set up a secure code is sent to your mobile phone that you will be required to enter.

This is brilliant! Even if my best friend had my password, he wouldn’t be able to add a dropbox account of mine to any of his machines without also having stolen my cell phone. I suggest everyone head over to dropbox and turn this on immediately!

Above shows how to enable two step authentication

If you haven’t signed up for DropBox yet, what the heck are you waiting for? It’s free cloud storage and a TON of it!  It’s by far the best cloud storage in my opinion.  Click here to sign up now.  Dropbox is available for Windows, Mac, linux, android, iOS and even Blackberry.

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