Amazon Affiliate Experiment Update #1

As I was updating some web 2.0 sites with some manual linkage with website “S” I was multi tasking and doing some research on the build my rank blog network.  Apparently, the latest panda update from google has successfully taken down the buildmyrank blog network by de-indexing all of their host sites.  What a bummer!

This will set me back a few days as I do some research to find an alternative to buildmyrank.  I guess I could always create my own blog network, but that could take a while.  For the sake of this experiment I’ll attempt to find a similar product to test results.

As a side note, this goes to show how important it is not to put all your SEO eggs in one basket.  If you were on the first page of google and all you had backing you were links from buildmyrank you could potentially see all your profits decline in one day! OUCH!  As a professional you need to protect your income with multiple streams of traffic and backlinks.

I’m considering signing up for SEO fightback which is a network of blog networks.  When I attempt to do research on the product, the SERPS are littered with garbage affiliate spam.  However, from what I understand it works by users providing the real estate (wordpress blogs) to categorized networks within the network.

Here’s an example of how I think it works:

  1. I sign up and search for a blog network that will accept my wordpress blogs [alternatively, I could start my own blog network and accept membership].
  2. I submit my wordpress blogs to the networks I wish to join and get “credits” for the blogs that I submit.
  3. I can use these credits daily to create posts on the blog network.  The networks do NOT spin content and do NOT dupe content.
A few questions I have:
  • How are posts submitted to my wordpress blogs that I open up to the networks from the SEO fightback network?
  • If I cancel my subscription do my links get deleted from the blogs that I have submitted to?
  • What plugin/access do I give to SEO fightback for my wordpress blogs?
  • When I submit an article to a network, who decides what blog it’s posted on? Does the owner of the specific blog have to approve my post?
With all of the affiliate spam and garbage out there, I can’t get good answers to my questions.  If you can answer my questions, please provide some insight in the comments.

Author: David

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  1. I’m interested in hearing your updates about SEO fightback, I’ve been on the fence about them. I was a member of Build My Rank and my sites have been affected by the de-indexing of their blog network.

    I’m working to repair my site’s rankings in the SERP

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