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All in one SEO wordpress plugin is a great addition to any wordpress blog, and one of the many plugins that I highly suggest get installed with every wordpress installation.  The all in one SEO provides SEO optimization for wordpress blogs.

The features that I enjoy are:

  • One click installation and works out of the box without much configuration.
  • Automatically optimizes titles for search engines
  • Has the ability to avoid duplicate content errors generated when google crawls your website.
  • Provides canonical URLs for your blog navigation
  • Automatic generation of unique META tags.

This is a fairly simple plugin to set up and install and with a little configuration, this plugin can be made fantastic.


WordPress Page vs Post

WordPress contains pages and posts.  In general a page is something you wish to be static, such as a contact me page , about us page, or other important informational page.  A post is generally a typical blog post that doesn’t contain information that each visitor to your site may require.

Category and Tag options 

Each page and blog post can be categorized via category names and tagged with tag names.  This is very important!  When setting up your blog, you need to determine 7 – 10 category names and NEVER overly exceed that number of categories.  Tags can be used an unlimited number of times and do not need to be predetermined.

It’s also important to note that you should not have a category that is the same as a tag name and vice versa.  This could provide some sort of small confusion to users or the search engine crawlers.  The best way to do this is to consider tags as a way to fine tune your categories into smaller niches.

All in One SEO configuration

Now to the good stuff, let’s configure All in One SEO and get our blog to a point where the SEO will be optimized and not generate errors from the google crawler in the google webmaster dashboard.  The most important section to understand correctly is the checkbox area that allows you to index vs noindex certain features of your wordpress blog.

All in one SEO configuration

In general I prefer to index my categories and noindex my tags.  I also noindex my archives.  By doing this, it decreases the chance that google will send users to pages that I don’t value as high as other pages. It creates a better experience for the user and also a better experience for the bot that’s crawling your webpage.  This helps avoid duplicate content.

Also in order to decrease duplicate work on yourself, you can generate your meta tags based upon the tags you manually tag onto your posts.  This may seem confusing if you’ve never written a wordpress blog post, but those who have will appreciate not having to type the same keywords in multiple times.

Since I’m not really targeting a specific niche with this blog.  It’s generalized to the most point and I could care less if I get traffic or not. Because of these reasons, I chose to autogenerate the meta descriptions on my posts.  If you are writing a very specific amazon affiliate targeted blog, you may wish to manually enter your meta descriptions (I would suggest it.)

The rest of the configuration

It’s important to carefully fill out each part of the All in one SEO configuration.  Properly type your title, overall description, and main keywords.  It’s okay to leave the variable title tags the way they are, but they are highly configurable.


Hopefully I’ve scratched the surface enough to get you to want to configure All in one SEO on your blog.  If you have any questions I’ll help you anyway I can, just ask in the comments.  Good luck!

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