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I recently began playing for my company’s softball team.  I won’t say what team to protect the innocent, but was faced with a few dilemmas that I’m sure many other working professionals face when beginning to play for their company softball team.

When I was younger and into my later teenage years I played a lot of baseball and was an average to good player.  I thought that playing softball 10 years later would be a breeze, but boy was I wrong.  In order to play softball or baseball, you’ll need a few basic items:

#1) A ball glove –  Since I’m only playing casually and don’t need a top of the line glove, I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  I searched at a used sporting goods store and at my local discount store but couldn’t find anything worthwhile.  If you’re buying a glove, try to stay away from the plastic gloves, they’ll only provide you with a headache as the ball will slip out of them easily.  I searched all the local stores in oklahoma city, but couldn’t find a better deal than what I found on Amazon.

The glove from amazon is 100% leather.  It is a Wilson A360 Series 13-inch slow pitch glove and is under $40.  The deal is absolutely amazing.  It’s a cheap price for a good quality glove.

#2) Batting Gloves – More than likely if you’re a businessman like myself, your hands don’t see a lot of manual labor.  A batting glove will prevent blisters and sores from forming on your hand from gripping the bat.  The cheapest ones I could find around my area were $30.  Luckily I found another steal on Amazon and was able to choose a color batting glove that matched my team uniform.

The batting glove from amazon is a high quality Louisville Slugger TPX Pro also made out of a leather like material.  The material is strong and should easily last a few softball seasons and for under $20 it’s a total steal.

#3) Have fun! All you really need is a ball glove and a set of batting gloves.  Your team members will more than likely provide a bat or two.  The softball games provide a lot of fun in a team environment.  Check the links below for the exact items I purchased from amazon.

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