Reset Droid Charge

Reset Droid Charge by returning it to a factory image.

I’ve recently been playing around with a few different xda droid charge roms and have neede to reset droid charge quite a few times.  Here’s how to reset droid charge back to normal factory condition.

#1 Download Odin.  Click here to download droid charge odin.

#2 Using ODIN, place the file “charge.pit” into the PIT file space.  Click here to download droid charge.pit packaged with the stock rom (7z format).

#3 Using ODIN, place the factory .tar.md5 file into the PDA file space

#4 Place the droid charge into download mode by pulling out the battery, holding down on Vol Down, and pluging in the USB Cable while still holding the button.

#5 Make sure your phone is recognized by Odin.

#6 Check the box for re-partition

#7 Press Start

#8 After it is finished flashing, take the battery out, unplug the USB cable, put the battery back in, and start up what should now be a working phone.

#9 When the phone restarts, allow it to update over the air to the most current version of the stock rom.


This will restore your phone to the EP4D stock ROM and Kernel.  Some reasons for doing this may be:

#1) To try out a new ROM/Kernel.  Sometimes starting from a factory image makes things a bit smoother

#2) Returning to the verizon store to get something with your phone fixed.

#3) To sell droid charge ebay

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