Droid Charge Roms

Droid Charge Roms can add capability to your samsung droid charge phone.

The Samsung Droid Charge has many great options for roms depending on the stock rom you prefer.  The newest stock rom has a great custom rom.  This droid charge roms is “Tweaked v 2.0”.

There are many ways to install a rom, but I prefer utilizing ODIN when installing rom’s.

If you’re interested in installing Tweaked ROM v2.0, you can download it by clicking here to download droid charge roms.  The rom is in 7zip format.

Here are the instructions for installation:

Note: Before installing this ROM, please be sure your phone has been restored to stock FP1 by following the instructions in the reset droid charge post.

ODIN Installation instructions:
– Download file on to computer and unzip it (w/ 7-zip or the like)
– Put phone into download mode
– Connect phone to computer (assuming all is well with the drivers)
– Open ODIN (I have been using 1.83)
– Place the .tar.md5 file in PDA!
– Flash away


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