WordPress Internal Server Error

Below are the steps I took to fix the Wordpress Internal Server Error problem.

I’ve spent most of my evening trying to fix the infamous WordPress Internal Server Error. This error has ruined my whole evening.  In an attempt to get support I made a post on wordpress’s forums, but I’m sure everyone knows most of those posts go unanswered.  If you have a problem with wordpress, the best way to get support is to find someone else who had the same problem and fixed it. Below are the steps I took to fix the WordPress Internal Server Error problem.

  1. First Step to fix the problem: Backup your database and your files.  YES; this step is necessary to fix the Internal Server problem.  We’re going to be making a lot of changes to wordpress to try to fix it.  You should always want the ability to return to where you started.  Backup wordpress NOW!
  2. Second Step to fix the wordpress internal server error problem:   Some people claim that the internal server error is caused by a corrupted .htaccess file.  In my case I didn’t even see a .htaccess file in my directory.  I definitely thought this was the problem.  So here’s what I did to fix it: I created a .htaccess file with Notepad++ and uploaded it into my wordpress blog directory.  I then attempted to log into wp-admin and was still getting the WordPress internal server error.
  3. Third Step: I assumed maybe my plugins were the culprit so I deleted all of them from the wp-content/plugins directory using my FTP client.  I know you might be saying, but Hey!! my plugins worked correctly yesterday.  That doesn’t matter… they still could be causing the problem.  After deleting the plugins my wordpress still had the wordpress internal server error.
  4. Final step: I went to wordpress.org and downloaded wordpress.  I re-installed wordpress as though I was “updating” my wordpress blog.  This step is a final measure and will reset some of your wordpress blog settings.  I FTP’ed to my server and deleted ALL of my wordpress files (after I assured they were backed up onto my main machine of course.)  I then uploaded all of the new wordpress files and navigated to wp-upgrade.php as the readme.html file states that comes with the wordpress download.  After going through the upgrade steps the wordpress internal server error was gone.   However, now I had a bigger problem.  My blog was just a blank white page.To fix the wordpress blank white page, I navigated to mywordpressblogaddress.com/wp-admin/ directly.  There I was able to log into the admin panel and clicked settings / Permalinks so that I could change the way my pages were accessed.  I changed the value to my desired setting and applied the changes.  Now my blog works correctly again.  The only final steps would be uploading your theme and finding the plugins you wish to use.  Be sure to get the most updated version of all your plugins, as they are more than likely the culprit of your wordpress internal server error.

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