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Welcome to my new blog. In this blog I’m going to post tech advice current events in my life, Oklahoma City sporting news, Palm Pre hacks, Ubuntu tips, Ubuntu tricks, Windows 7 apps and much more! You’re probably still wondering what this is all about?

Simple, it’s a blog that I’m going to use to keep in touch with family and friends.  If you’re not my family or friends, I hope you find some of my posts useful and helpful.

Feel free to:

Who am I?

My name is David Rundle.  I am a Computer Engineer and Electrical Engineer that currently resides in Oklahoma City.  I grew up in West Virginia (Go Mountaineers!) and have a love for the outdoors because of it.  My hobbies include: The Outdoors, Linux, Programming, Android App development, Twitter, Facebook, Windows 7, Seach Engine Optimization, Star Wars, Marketing, and much more!  I’m not afraid to leap into anything, and if I like what I’m leaping into then you can read about it here!

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What if I need to contact you?

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