Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean HillClick to buy at Amazon

Think and Grow Rich has shaped my life more than any other piece of media I’ve consumed.  This book is a must read but not just for business.  When followed correctly the secret found within the pages of this book can bring abundant success in business and otherwise.

I’d suggest buying the audio version because it is such a large book to read and contains such a wealth of information.  The amount of information requires multiple readings/listens to absorb as much information as possible.

Napoleon Hill subscribed to the thoughts of Andrew Carnegie and was one of his students.  Hill took Carnegie’s philosophy and made abundant riches throughout his lifetime. Carnegie was able to combine several steel companies into U.S Steel, one of the world’s largest corporations. Carnegie is known for his charitable work throughout his life but he is especially known for the libraries he helped establish throughout the United States.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets for Real Estate

Kindle Fire

I’d have to say my greatest Real Estate tool is my Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet.  Here’s my free Real Estate Ninja Guru Trick: You can find them on amazon for the $100 price range by buying the last quarter’s model and it will do everything you need as far as real estate goes.

I think it’s ridiculous to buy these online real estate courses for thousands of dollars when you can peek into the minds of folks who have made millions in the real estate industry for around $10 per book.

My top three must read books for the real estate industry are as follows:

  1. How to win friends and influence people
  2. The Go Getter
  3. Rhinoceros Success

Although these aren’t true “real estate” books (you can find those on amazon too), these books are a must for anyone entering the real estate business.  They’ll get your mind full of the correct way to take decisive steps to improving your income.

Rhinoceros Success Scott Alexander

Rhinoceros SuccessClick to buy at Amazon

Rhinoceros Success is one of those books that has an immense amount of quality information delivered in an unconventional method. Imagine you’re a rhinoceros and everyone else is cows and you’ll have the basic understanding of the book. I compare the book to covering a lot of the information I acquired in my MBA thrown into a book.

I read 5 of the quotes from this book on a daily basis and have them hanging on my office wall.

  1. In order to keep your Rhino body charging efficiently, make sure it gets the best of everything. You don’t put cheap gas into a Rolls Royce.
  2. Associate with the doers, the achievers, the positive, the livewires and you will stay a fully charged rhinoceros.
  3. We become the product of 3 things: the people we associate with, the books we read & the media we listen to. Be a positive rhinoceros.
  4. A rhinoceros charges with singleness of purpose. All energy is directed towards the attainment of one burning desire.
  5. I am a rhinoceros! I have a damn-the-torpedoes spirit! I am full of energy and I can’t wait to get up in the morning to start charging!

These quotes alone should be enough for you to realize the importance of reading this great book written by Scott Alexander. It outlines ways to ensure that you’ll be successful in no matter what your business is!

The Go Getter Book


The Go Getter BookClick here to buy the Go-Getter at Amazon

The Go-Getter is a very easy read that drives home an important message. The book’s story was written by Peter B. Kyne in 1921 but still delivers a strong message. It is known for encouraging entrepreneurs and employees to increase productivity, take initiative, and beat all odds.

This Go-Getter story is awesome for Real Estate professionals because it outlines the ever important message of never quitting and going against all odds to reach your goals. In the book, Bill Peck, a war veteran, persuades an employer to hire him. Every step of the way Peck is having to prove himself and go against all odds. Eventually, the CEO of the company gives Peck an impossible challenge. The Story follows how Peck attempts to tackle the challenge and change his legacy forever.

I love reading this book because it makes me feel good. I know that working hard and working consistently go hand in hand. Even though the book is amazingly simple, I feel it would’ve changed my career if I read it right out of college. Everyone should read this book by Peter B Kyne.

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie’s book titled How to Win Friends and Influence People is a must-read for those entering the Real Estate Business. This book clearly outlines how to properly interact with people on a daily basis. It’s been so influential to me that I’ve pasted Dale Carnegie’s 10 Golden rules in my office and read them every day.


Click to buy at Amazon

Dale Carnegie’s book titled How to Win Friends and Influence People is a must-read for those entering the Real Estate Business. This book clearly outlines how to properly interact with people on a daily basis. It’s been so influential to me that I’ve pasted Dale Carnegie’s 10 Golden rules in my office and read them every day.

  1. Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.
  2. Give honest, sincere appreciation.
  3. Arouse in the other person an eager want.
  4. Become genuinely interested in other people.
  5. Smile.
  6. Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
  7. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
  8. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests.
  9. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.
  10. The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.

An example of how this book (How to win friends and influence people) changed my life is a situation everyone has dealt with. Imagine this: You’re out with your family (or a friend) to a nice dinner to treat yourselves. The resturant doesn’t appear to be that busy, but the service is horrible. You notice people complaining to the manager about your waiter and the delay in food. What do you do?

After reading this book here’s what I do. I excuse myself to get up to use the restrooom and find the manager. He’s assuming that I’m another angry customer wanting my food discounted/wrapped to go/etc. Instead, I ask him his name with a smile. I tell him it looks like he’s under a lot of stress and he should take a deep breath. I’d praise him for his dress/the nice decor of the resturant/ or the politeness of the waiter (by knowing the waiter’s name) and explain to him the importance of my dinner and how happy we are to be there. And then… That’s it! I go use the bathroom and go back to my seat.

At that point each time the waiter comes to fill my drinks (which will be a lot) I thank him by name and pay him a compliment about either his service or the resturant itself. By the end of the meal I’ll have received the best service I could have possibly received and potentially free items (desert, appetizers, drinks, etc). At no point did I ever raise my voice or critize anyone or anything.

The old me would’ve raised my blood pressure, yelled over something as silly as a dinner, ruined a waiters/managers night and gotten a 10% discount. Instead, now I can return to that resturant and call the manager by name upon my arrival letting him know that I’m happy to be here and receive indefinite great service.

This example is one of many that don’t pertain to business. The implications this book has on business can be shown through dollar value. I’ve increased my business (dollar value) over 30% since reading this book and taking a Dale Carnegie leadership course. I haven’t changed my business, I changed myself.

How to win friends and influence people, when put to valid use, changes lives PERIOD. I suggest reading it when your business is slow and you need a refresher AND when your business is doing well so you know how to keep it that way.


It’s time for me to review how well HideMyAss has been working with my Linksys Cisco E-2000 DD-WRT router.  My last post outlined how I updated my Cisco E-2000 to DD-WRT version 18946 from the recommended 14929.

I’m happy to say that the newer version of DD-WRT has been a blessing.  I decided to go ahead and purchase a year of service from HideMyAss after seeing how well their service works with DD-WRT.  The larger versions of the DD-WRT firmware support openVPN which is also supported by HideMyAss, which makes things very easy to set up.

HideMyAss VPN Usage

HideMyAss essentially lets you set up a VPN connection from your home network to almost any country in the world.  This allows other users on the internet to see your IP Address as being somewhere located in another state or even country.  For example, If you live in New York City and decide to use HideMyAss, you could easily choose to appear as if you were connected to the internet in Los Angeles.  I elected to set up my VPN connection two ways:

  1. I downloaded the HMA! Vpn client for windows on my laptop.  This will allow me to use HMA! while I’m away from home on random open wi-fi networks.  The VPN tunnel is encrypted, therefore preventing random people from sniffing open wi-fi networks and gaining my information.
    HideMyAss Windows Client
    HMA! VPN Windows Client


  2. At home, I elected to set up HMA! VPN directly onto my DD-WRT router. This ensures that all traffic leaving my network is secured via a VPN tunnel.  This prevents my ISP from traffic shaping, snooping on my internet usage, or having any clue of what I do online period.

HMA! VPN Set up Windows Clients

Setting up HideMyAss on your windows computer is simple.  All that needs to be done is the following:

  • Log into the Dashboard
  • Download the HideMyAss client for Windows 7 (also works on Windows 8)
  • Type in your username and password
  • Press the connect button EASY!

HMA! VPN Set up DD-WRT clients

Surprisingly, this is easier than you could imagine.  HMA! has an automated script that will set up your DD-WRT router with a VPN connection to any of their servers worldwide!

  • Log into the Dashboard
  • Select HideMyAss set up for routers
  • Select the country or city you would like to connect from
  • Press Submit
  • Follow the easy screenshot instructions provided by the HideMyAss auto-configurator to log into your DD WRT router and begin enjoying your secure connection to the internet!

DDWRT HideMyAss Summary

As always, I will only provide marketing for items that I use myself and feel are outstanding.  HMA! fits the bill. Superior customer service. Superior website. Superior period!

This is an amazing combination of tools and I highly suggest this set up for everyone!  We hear all of these crazy lawsuits from random government affiliated organizations for clicking on the wrong link or a child downloading songs from the internet.  HideMyAss is a solution for less than $7 a month that would prevent all of this nonsense.  If you can afford to go to Starbucks once a month, you should have this service.

On top of this being one of the best VPN services online, if you have problems setting up HIdeMyAss I’ll gladly help you for FREE!  Just click the below banner and get started today by securing your internet usage.

Sign up for HideMyAss

Linksys Cisco E2000 DD-WRT

Linksys Cisco E2000 DDWRT
Linksys Cisco E2000 DDWRT

Linksys E2000 Best Build for DDWRT

I purchased a Linksys E2000 last year for the sole purpose of using it as a DD-WRT router for my home network.  It’s been a beast of a router for the last year and I had some down time to research the newer DDWRT builds that support the E2000.

For the last year I’ve been utilizing build 14929 which is the suggested build from the DD-WRT community wiki.   However, I am debating on purchasing a VPN subscription to one of the major VPN players and wanted a build for my E2000 that would support openVPN.

One thing about DD-WRT: It’s a great piece of router software that is poorly documented and all pertinent information is contained in a DD-WRT community forum and wiki that is unbelievably hard to navigate.  One of the main purposes of writing this post is to document what I did so that it may help someone in the future.

I tried a few of the new DD-WRT builds and landed on the best DDWRT build for the E2000: 18946 Mega.  The update process is tricky, and following the wrong advice can leave you with a bricked router.

Linksys E2000 DDWRT Upgrade Process:

If you’re running DD-WRT on the Linksys E2000 already (Probably version 14929), here’s the steps you follow to upgrade to a newer build:

  1. Use one computer hooked to the router via an ethernet cable.
  2. Do a 30/30/30 reset.
  3. Flash the 18946 build that has “mini-e2000.bin” in the filename though the administration panel at your routers web-admin (probably
  4. Do a 30/30/30 reset
  5. Wait 5 minutes
  6. Flash the 18946 build filename that ends in “big-nv60k.bin” through the administration panel at your router’s web-admin.
  7. Do a 30/30/30 reset
  8. Wait 5 minutes

E2000 DD-WRT settings:

You must perform these setting changes if you don’t want the E2000 to overheat.

  • Wireless > Advanced Settings > Fragmentation Threshold: 2306
  • Wireless > Advanced Settings > RTS Threshold: 2307
  • Wireless > Advanced Settings > TX Power: 50
  • Security > Firewall > Uncheck block anonymous WAN Requests
  • Open a telnet to your router and perform the following at the command prompt to fix the clock frequency:
    nvram set clkfreq=300,150,75
    nvram commit

Benefits of DDWRT

Without getting technical, DDWRT is simply better than the garbage software that comes default on most routers.  Not all routers are supported by the DDWRT project so if you wish to use the software, check with their wiki before purchasing a router.

I updated my DDWRT firmware version for one purpose: To support a VPN service so that I’m less traceable on the internet.  A VPN (Virtual Private Network) service allows you to securely tunnel your traffic through their servers located across the globe so that traffic no longer can be retraced to your city/state/neighborhood.

Some may ask, but why hide? What am I afraid of?  Simply put I’m extremely ethical, however I don’t wish for my traffic to be sniffed, parsed, or decoded by my ISP.  Another benefit is that I’ll be able to use the VPN when I’m utilizing free wifi and know that my connection is 100% secure from sniffers.

Which VPN service is best?

I’m currently researching which VPN services work best with DD-WRT and will sign up for HideMyAss (appropriately named).  Look for future posts outlining how to utilize DDWRT with HideMyAss.

Best Domain Name Registrar

Best Domain RegistrarWhat is a domain name registrar?

A domain name registrar is a company/service that provides domain names to customers.  Many people new to wordpress or the web get confused with the steps needed to own a domain name and host a website.  It’s rather simple, but can be confusing to some.

Basically, each computer on the internet has an IP address.  An IP address is a series of unique numbers that allow that computer to be accessed by other computers.  A Domain name simply points a .com/.org/.net/etc domain name to an IP address.  For example, it’s much easier to remember typing “” than a string of numbers.

How do I get a domain name?

Getting a domain name is a simple process.  There are many companies that provide domain names.  As with anything, there are a range of prices and quality.  I promised myself a long time ago, I will never suggest something that I don’t use myself when it comes to online marketing.

To get a domain name, you simply navigate to a domain registrar’s website.  Once there you check to see if the domain is already registered.  Domains are like real estate, you can’t buy a domain that someone else owns unless they’re selling it personally to you.

If you find a domain that isn’t registered, you can purchase it through the domain registrar.

What’s the best domain registrar?

The best domain registrar on the internet by far is Namecheap.  Many people may argue GoDaddy, but I highly disagree.  When it comes to the internet, you really want to find a company that specializes in each service you need.  Namecheap specializes in domain names and best of all provide a very high quality service at the lowest price.  High quality and low price are a hard combination to find in today’s market.

The top reasons I like namecheap:

  • Easy sign up process.
  • Simple user interface with self explanatory utilization.
  • Super quick helpdesk service and knowledge base that is actually helpful.
  • Their helpdesk representatives are knowledgeable on the services that they offer.
  • They don’t spam me.
  • Easy to renew domain registration.
  • Free Whois Guard with new domain purchase. (This prevents other users on the internet from seeing your name as the owner of the domain).
  • Cheap prices, but high quality service!

If you’re looking to buy a domain name, name cheap is BY FAR the best domain registrar available.  Click here to continue to namecheap and search for your domain now!


Embarrassing Drop Shipping

Embarrassing Drop Shipping course offered by Mark Wallace

I normally don’t promote any type of affiliate marketing product or WSO as those of us in the industry call it, but I have to make a post about how fantastic Embarrassing Drop Shipping by Mark Wallace is.  I’ll never promote something that I haven’t tried or bought myself, so I’ll admit that I purchased Mark Wallace’s six week course titled Embarrassing Drop Shipping.

Embarrassing Drop Shipping Overview

Mark is a stand up guy who has made over $500,000 per year via online marketing and admits he is still learning and reaching his goals as we speak.  Mark Wallace is a Brit and fantastically detailed about every small aspect of his course.  I assumed a six week course would include six videos, but I was very wrong.

My first thoughts after purchasing Mark Wallace’s product

When I first purchased the product, I was never emailed or directed on how to create a username and password.  I contacted Mark Wallace’s support and was given the correct link right away.  No issues were found and the sign up process was simple.  The first week was available in the members area and to my surprise, Embarrassing Drop Shipping had 8 videos, 9 mind maps, and a zip file full of documents just for week one!

Most online courses prevent you from downloading the videos to your harddrive in fear that you’ll re-create them.  However, Mark provides every, single, piece of content for download! How fantastic! I downloaded all 8 videos and went on a long walk.  Each video is approximately 20 minutes long.  That’s almost 3 hours of content on the first module!

Embarrassing Drop Shipping grabs your attention

I was glued to the module.  Mark has a Tony Robbins-ish approach to marketing and openly admits he’s a huge Tony Robbins fan.  If you’re a newbie don’t shy off, the first module was all about the basics of business, marketing, and drop shipping.  This is all old news to me, but the second part of the module was the most interesting.

Mark dedicates much time to addressing the actual reasons that most marketers fail and how the so called “gurus” mislead would be internet marketers into buying one button garbage shiny objects.  AKA “Buy my one button wonder and earn $5000 overnight”.

Mark is straight forward with everyone and lays out a gameplan right away.  He goes into deep thought about overcoming fears and what you need to do exactly to plan your goals and be successful as an Embarrassing Drop Shipper.

Mark Wallace’s Product Overview

After watching all 8 videos in one night (I’m telling you they’re addicting.), I’m up late filling out goal sheets, reading mind maps, and setting up a solid plan for starting a drop shipping business.  Since it’s only module one, I don’t know the exact steps but I know my overall goals that I will achieve once I understand the business in future modules.

Mark’s attention to detail is amazing.  There has been no stone left unturned in this first week module and I expect more of the same.  The product has a solid 10 day refund policy with no questions asked so if you’re on the fence you should at least try it out for 2 weeks worth of modules and give it a whirl.  I almost didn’t take this course because of how busy my life is right now, but I’m feeling that Embarrassing Drop Shipping will change my life.

First module’s homework

One of the first things Mark stresses is the importance of goal setting and breaking down your goals.  By breaking down your goals, I mean stepping through them to see exactly how you’ll reach them.  Also, one of the first homework questions is people who you’d like to model or mirror, but I’m taking it a step further and hoping to gain a long term mentorship from Mark Wallace himself (here’s to hoping).  Mark contact me through the contact link above when you’re dying to mentor me, lol.

Change your life and legacy today Click here

If you’re on the fence, don’t be anymore, click here, and meet me on the inside today.  Feel free to drop me a line and we’ll discuss this week’s modules together.

Free WordPress Setup

If you follow my blog, you currently know that I’m running a fiverr gig setting up wordpress blogs for people.  The cost to the customer is $5 dollars.  This service is mainly for customers who already have a hosting account and are happy with their hosting provider.

What I didn’t realize is that many people who are looking to install a custom wordpress blog don’t necessarily have the techno-geek means or real estate.  In order to set up your own wordpress website you need:

  • Web Hosting
  • FTP Client
  • Cpanel Access
  • Database Knowledge
  • Patience
  • More Patience.

I, being a geek married to a non-geek, can understand the frustration some people get into when trying to delve into starting their own online blog for their family, potential business, marketing, or are just simply trying to start making money online.  Don’t pull your hair out, let me help you.

Dont pull your hair out, let me help you!

If you’re one of those people, please don’t pull your hair out anymore.  I’m here to help you!   If you need a new blog installed, I’m willing to install wordpress for free!  Yes, I’m crazy (My wife will verify that).  I’ll install your wordpress installation for free.

I truly have the heart of a teacher. I’ll help you find inexpensive, reliable web hosting and be your personal source of information. I’ll set up your wordpress blog for free and as a bonus, you’ll get the following:

  • Free most-recent-version of WordPress installed
  • SEO optimization done
  • Secure your wordpress installation
  • Install a wordpress theme of your choosing.

To get started NOW simply contact me using the form below and let’s get started working together today, I’m excited to meet you.

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